MSPL Cystoscope Sheaths with Instrument Channel3.5Fr. and Obturator Diameter9.5Fr.

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We are leading supplier and exporter of Cystoscope Sheaths which design to perform all cystoscope Procedures. cystoscope sheath comes with obturator.

Cystoscope sheath also called as Cysto sheath, Ureteroscope Sheah , Cystoscopic Sheath.
We also have Cystoscopy Accessories like Cystoscopic Sheath, Single Channel Cystoscope Bridge, Double Channel Cystoscope Bridge, Flexible Stent Removing Forcep, Flexible Biopsy Forcep, Optical Biopsy Forceps, Litho Bridge, Stone Crushing Forcep, and Stone Punch Urology SET.

Features of Cystoscope Sheath
Endoscopic imaging support.
Good Locking System.
Tapered ends and assist in penetration.
Durable, Safe and sterile instruments for each patient.
Compatible with all cystoscopes.
Allows greater flexibility.